Learning About Hypothesis Testing Is NOT easy!

Dear Students,

It's not easy to learn how the hypothesis testing procedure (HTP) works and/or the logic behind the various steps that go together to form this kind of inferential thinking. I'm convinced that there are a fair number of applied researchers who could not explain very well why they do the things that they do...and there are several others who are worse off, for they don't even DO what they're supposed to do!

So, if you're still in the process of trying to understand HTP, and especially if you're a bit frustrated about this portion of our course content, DO NOT consider yourself to be stupid, slow, or unqualified to remain in graduate school. Instead, keep telling yourself these three things over and over and over:

"It's not easy to learn how HTP works or why it works as it does."

"Almost everyone else also has trouble understanding HTP."

"In time, if I keep working at it, HTP will make sense."

I don't know whether this will make you feel better or worse, but I thinks it's fair to say that there are many applied researchers who publish their work in respected journals EVEN THOUGH THEY DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC BEHIND HTP...and there are many others who DON'T EVEN FOLLOW THE STEPS OF HTP THE WAY THEY SHOULD. So, if many of the "experts" are having trouble with HTP, it's fully understandable that you and other students may find things confusing. It's NOT the case, however, that you're destined to be forever frustrated with HTP. Recall what the 3rd point says (of the 3 things you're supposed to be repeating over and over to yourself): "In time, if I keep working at it, HTP will make sense."

Sky Huck

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