Funny Stuff (Chapter 15)

Once upon a time, an ANCOVA was talking with his ANOVA friend. "Why don't you follow in my footsteps and get married," said ANCOVA. "No way," said ANOVA, "for I'm firmly committed to keeping every degree of freedom I have!"

Like the pioneers of botany, physiology, and law, the "founding fathers" of statistics created a private jargon that's deliberately intended to confuse, intimidate, and terrorize everyone except the very few who have been initiated into the Secret Society of Stuffy Statisticians.

These 2 jokes were not newly written by me. Instead, they were plucked from depositories of statistical humor, edited slightly, and posted here to in an effort to show that there's a lighter side to this supposedly dry discipline. If you'd like to see more "funny stuff" about statistics, click here to enter Gary Ramseyer's wonderful website entitled "First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes."

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