The Typical Format of Journal Articles

  1. Overview
    1. The value of knowing how articles are typically structured
    2. A listing of the main sections that make up most articles
  2. The Abstract
    1. A synonym for "abstract"
    2. The four kinds of information usually presented in the abstract
    3. Typical length of an abstract
    4. The abstract's purpose
  3. The Introduction
    1. Background (i.e., "review of literature")
    2. Statement of purpose
    3. Hypotheses
  4. Method
    1. The purpose of this section of the research article
    2. Typical content:
      1. Participants (i.e., the subjects)
      2. Materials, equipment, apparatus, or instruments
      3. Procedure
      4. Statistical Plans
  5. Results
    1. Three ways of presenting a study's results
    2. Why it is important to read carefully this section of the research article
  6. Discussion
    1. The three things that are often included in this section
    2. An alternative heading
  7. References
    1. What is usually included here
    2. Why this information can be helpful
  8. Notes
    1. The typical placement of notes
    2. Three kinds of information contained in notes
  9. Two Final Comments
    1. The interconnectedness among the different sections of a research article
    2. An important warning concerning the Abstract


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