Student's t

Author unknown

"I know your choice of beverage is California wine,"
Said a TA to his prof,
"But Asian teas are mine
And I'll show you they're superior,"
He added with a scoff.

"We'll find a group of tasters
And we'll split them randomly;
Then we'll fill their cups with basters
(Yours with wine and mine with tea)."

"Next we'll ask them 20 questions
RE: their current state of mind,
And we'll average within sections
(Mine with tea and yours with wine)."

"And if the difference between them
Exceeds predictions based on chance,
We'll rule out the laws of mayhem
And my marks you will enhance."

But the prof was such a cynic
"Student, wait a mo," said he
"All is not quite harmonymic
In what you've proposed to me
(Mine with yours and wine in tea)."

"Differences go in two directions
(Up with wine and down the tea)--
The tea must win in these elections
If you're to win this bet with me."

"Fair enough, sir, have it your way
And we'll look for tea scores higher,"
The student said and turned away.
And his elbow off the bookshelf
knocked the tea into the fire

This they took as Divine portent
And agreed on incessantly
About wine's alcoholic content
And the smoke from Student's t.

Copyright © 2012

Schuyler W. Huck
All rights reserved.

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