A Valentine's Day Statistical Love Poem

Ellisa Brown

You're the apple of my pi
You're the square to my chi
You're the source of my love, shining and nu
And that is why I love mu

Some hypothesize all love turns sour
And that even the hottest flame will grow dull
That's why you and I should combine our power
And once and for all reject the null

Ho: All is lost, our love is not mean to be
Ha: Oh happy day, you really like me
Our favorite test statistic says p=0.053
That's a little high but it's good enough for me

I've suffered through dates that were very extreme
When all I was hoping for was closer to the mean
Their knowledge of boring facts was encyclopedian
When it would have been better to be on the other side of the median

And eventually even their manners did erode
With scores for politeness nowhere near the mode
So I apologize for being so informal
But I'm so glad I finally found someone normal


Copyright © 2012

Schuyler W. Huck
All rights reserved.

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