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Chapter 1 The Typical Format of a Journal Article
Chapter 2 Descriptive Statistics: The Univariate Case
Chapter 3 Bivariate Correlation
Chapter 4 Reliability and Validity
Chapter 5 Foundations of Inferential Statistics
Chapter 6 Estimation
Chapter 7 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 8 Effect Size, Power, Cls, and Bonferroni
Chapter 9 Statistical Inferences Concerning Bivariate Correlation Coefficients
Chapter 10 Inferences Concerning One or Two Means
Chapter 11 Tests on Three or More Sample Means Using One-Way ANOVA
Chapter 12 Post Hoc and Planned Comparisons
Chapter 13 Two-Way Analyses of Variance
Chapter 14 Analyses of Variance With Repeated Measures
Chapter 15

The Analysis of Covariance

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Chapter 16 Bivariate, Multiple, and Logistic Regression
Chapter 17 Inferences on Percentages, Proportions, and Frequencies
Chapter 18 Statistical Tests on Ranks (Nonparametric Tests)


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