e-Articles (Chapter 3)

Here are the titles of some full-length research articles that illustrate concepts discussed in this chapter. To view any article on-line, simply click on its title.

Effectiveness of Negative Political Advertising

Pearson's product-moment correlation was used to assess the bivariate relationship among 5 variables. Table 5 presents the 10 correlation coefficients in a correlation matrix.

Correlations Among Depression Rating Scales and a Self-RatingAnxiety Scale in Depressive Outpatients

Illustrates the use of Pearson's correlation, with results presented in the first paragraph of the "Results" section as well as in Table 1. The discussion of the research findings (presented in the article's final paragraph) is quite thoughtful.

Identification of Quality Characteristics for Technology Education Programs: A North Carolina Case Study

Illustrates the use of Spearman's correlation to assess the strength of relationship between two sets of ranks. (See the 3 paragraphs that follow Table 4 as well as Table 5.)

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