e-Articles (Chapter 4)

Here are the titles of some full-length research articles that illustrate concepts discussed in this chapter. To view any article on-line, simply click on its title.

Further Examination of Two Measures of Community-Based Social Skills for Adolescents and Young Adults with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Illustrates how factor analysis, group discrimination, and convergent/ discriminant correlations can be used to assess validity.

Assessing the Quality of Newspaper Medical Advice Columns for Elderly Readers

In this study, kappa was used to assess the degree of agreement among 5 raters who independently "scored" each of 50 newspaper articles by classifying it into certain categories. (See the second and third paragraphs of the "Abstract" as well as the "Methods" and "Results" sections of the full article.)

An Analysis of the Reliability and Validity of Personal Internet Teaching Efficacy Beliefs Scale

The primary focus of this study is on reliability and validity. Techniques used to assess reliability were Cronbach's alpha and test-retest correlations; techniques used to assess construct validity included factor analysis and pre-post comparisons for a group that went though a five-day training workshop.

Revision and Reliability of a Measure of Sexual Attitudes

Illustrates concern for the reliability of a measuring instrument following its revision. Focus is on both internal consistence (as measured by coefficient alpha) and test- retest correlations.

Predicting the Organizational Commitment of Marketing Education and Health Occupations Education Teachers by Work-Related Rewards

Illustrates (1) the use of Cronbach's alpha to estimate reliability and (2) the use of factor analysis to assess construct validity. These reliability and validity concerns were directed to each of three parts of the instrument used to provide data for the study. (See the "Instrumentation" section of the authors' discussion of "Methodology.")

Impact of Multimedia Computer-Based Instruction on Student Comprehension of Drafting Principles

Illustrates a concern for content validity and internal consistency. Regarding reliability, a split-half technique was applied, with reference made to the "odd-even strategy" and "the Spearman-Brown formula." (See the section entitled "Instrumentation.")

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