e-Articles (Chapter 6)

Here are the titles of some full-length research articles that illustrate concepts discussed in this chapter. To view any article on-line, simply click on its title.

Recognition of Television Images as a Developmental Milestone in Young Children: Observational Study

Illustrates how a confidence interval can help with the interpretation of a sample statistic. Here, the CI is built around a percentage--96%--and extends from 94% to 98%. (See the third paragraph in the "Results" section as well as the "Results" portion of the "Abstract.")

HIV Infection and Risk Behaviours Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men in Vancouver

In this study, 95% confidence intervals were created for "incidence" rates of HIV. See (1) the "Results" section of the "Abstract" and (2) the sixth and seventh paragraphs of the main section entitled "Results."

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