e-Articles (Chapter 8)

Here are the titles of some full-length research articles that illustrate concepts discussed in this chapter. To view any article on-line, simply click on its title.

Effect of Preventive Home Visits By a Nurse on the Outcomes of Frail Elderly People in the Community: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Illustrates the good practice of conducting an a priori power analysis so as to determine the appropriate size of samples. (See the sixth paragraph of the section entitled "Methods.")

Perceptions of Leadership in Postsecondary Technical Institutes in Georgia

Beautifully illustrates how the hypothesis testing procedure can lead to statistical significance without indicating practical significance.(See the 2 paragraphs that immediately precedes the "Summary.")

Evaluating the Effectiveness of 2 Educational Interventions in Family Practice

Illustrates the use of the nine-step version of hypothesis testing, with sample sizes determined via a power analysis. Within this a priori power analysis, the effect size was specified in a "raw" rather than "standardized" manner. See the first two paragraphs of the final section of "Methods" ("Sample Size Estimation and Data Analysis).

Effectiveness of an Educational Strategy to Improve Family Physicians' Detection and Management of Depression: A Randomized Contolled Trial

In this study, the 9-step version of hypothesis testing was used, with the power analysis being conducted for a fixed number of subjects. (See the final 2 sentences of the last paragraph in the "Methods" section.)

Effects of Economic Disadvantaged Status and Secondary Vocational Education on Adolescent Work Experience and Postsecondary Aspirations

Illustrates the use of eta-squared to assess the "strength-of-association. See the final 3 paragraphs of "Results.")

Explanatory Style of Secondary Vocational Teachers

Illustrates the use of the hybrid approach to testing null hypotheses. Twice, the researchers obtain a "statistically significant" result and report precise p-levels (p = .018 and p = .029) next to the calculated value.

College Students' Perceptions of Women's Verbal and Nonverbal Consent for Sexual Intercourse

Illustrates the use of the hybrid approach to testing null hypotheses. With an unstated alpha level of .05, the researchers report, for different tests, p<.05 and p<.01 and p<.001. (See the second and third paragraphs of "Results.")

Drinkers and Their Driving: Compliance with Drink-Driving Legislation in Four Australian States

Illustrates the use of the hybrid approach to testing null hypotheses. See the notes beneath Tables 1 and 3.

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