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Dear Students,

As you read through Chapter 1 of Reading Statistics and Research, you may be tempted to pay little or no attention to the material located in the excerpt boxes. I can predict with high confidence that some of you will hear a voice inside your head saying, "Since I fully understand what's said in the various paragraphs of the 'regular' text material located outside the excerpt boxes, why waste time reading the excerpts."

I strongly urge you to resist the temptation to skim or skip the excerpts in Chapter 1. I say that for two reasons.

First, be aware that you'll likely establish in Chapter 1 a "pattern" of study habits that will remain with you as you read future chapters. If you skip the excerpts now, you'll likely do so later. That will be dangerous, because several of the excerpts in future chapters function not to "illustrate" but rather to "teach." If you fail to read such excerpts, you'll miss many important points this book is intended to convey.

Second, the excerpt boxes of Chapter 1 come from a research investigation that's easy to understand. Although I could have selected any of several other research summaries to illustrate the typical format of journal articles, I selected the one I did because the topic requires no special training to grasp the study's purpose or procedures. Throughout the rest of this book, I have tried to include excerpt material that is easy (and sometimes even fun) to read. If you skip the excerpts, you'll cheat yourself out of the opportunity to see that research studies actually can be enjoyable to read!

Later, when you turn your attention to other chapters, take time to read the excerpts. Each one was selected carefully. Many deal with important and/or interesting topics. And in several instances, you'll want to ask, "What kind of score(s) would have been collected from me if I had been involved in the investigation?"

Sky Huck

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