Funny Stuff (Chapter 13)

What did the statistics instructor do when his lecture on the analysis of variance was not understood very well by the students? He felt it necessary to go OVA ANOVA ANOVA it again!

The best place to find a significant disordinal interaction is in a divorce court.

A one-way ANOVA and a two-way ANOVA were talking to each other one day. The one-way ANOVA said, "I sure do envy the interaction you have with your variables." The two-way ANOVA frowned and replied, "Yea, but the minute it diminishes to any significant extent they really become independent and go their own ways."

Patient: "Will I survive this operation?"

Surgeon: "Yes, I'm absolutely sure that you'll survive the operation."

Patient: "But how can you be so sure?"

Surgeon: "First of all, statistics show that 99 out of 100 patients die having this particular operation; next, you're my 100th patient; and finally, all my previous patients died."

These 4 jokes were not newly written by me. Instead, they were plucked from depositories of statistical humor, edited slightly, and posted here to in an effort to show that there's a lighter side to this supposedly dry discipline. If you'd like to see more "funny stuff" about statistics, click here to enter Gary Ramseyer's wonderful website entitled "First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes."

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